What is Cafe Adagio?

Cafe Adagio is a cosy music cafe in the suburbs where you will find fine beverages and appetising food. Where there is a carefully selected menu drawn up by a health and environment conscious music-lovers!


Ourselves we enjoy visiting clean, warm and friendly places to eat, places where the food is quality and fulfilling, then again who doesn't? We decided we wanted to open a cafe which provided the exact same to the local community.


We buy free range eggs, seasonal vegetables, and are committed to ensuring all our products are free of genetically modified ingredients. The welfare of people, animals and the planet is something we pay close attention to. Our ethos is, if we wouldn't feed it to ourselves we wouldn't feed it to our customers!


We have a range of the usual and the unusual cafe grub, on occasion we arrange special days called 'Seven Nation Nosh' where we have a selection of different dishes from various countries around the globe.


Why the name Cafe Adagio?

We wanted to change the name from its previous one (Cafe Delice) to let people know there was a new place in town, but as we liked the continental theme of the old cafe we wanted to come up with something similar. We came up with the name Adagio because it's a musical term meaning 'slow and leisurely tempo', and is the kind of essence we hope our customers will feel when they visit our place.


What type of music is played at Cafe Adagio?

We are passionate about music and so the music we play can only be described as eclectic, timeless and void of genre. We are sensitive to our listeners and it's our ambition to create the kind of ambience we enjoy when we visit other places in the UK and around the world.


While you eat, or while you wait if you're taking out, we play selected songs and playlists which change daily. We are even open to special requests so don't be afraid to ask us for your favorite song when you order your food! We aim to cater for everybody, and especially those who love music, food and coffee!


How does the music thing work at Cafe Adagio?

Imagine if you will, walking into our cafe in the morning to order your wake up coffee, once inside you hear serene sounds which slowly and subtly invigorate and inspire you for your day ahead...


Come lunchtime and the mood becomes more upbeat, with music from all corners of the world floating in the air as you tuck in..


The evening approaches, and the music turns to lounge offering the kind of atmosphere which prepares you for your journey home, or for your night ahead...


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How passionate are we about coffee?

We love this video, check it out!  (our thanks to Mikeal for uploading)

Sure we have free Wi-Fi! Just ask at the counter for details..